Clarifying the CFP® Certification Experience Rules for an Internship

I graduated from a CFP® Board-Registered Program, Alfred State College (SUNY), in May 2014 and completed a required internship as part of that program. According to the CFP® website under the "Experience Definitions,” "financial planning-related internships completed at a CFP® Board-Registered Program are eligible for credit toward the 3 year Experience requirement at the rate of one month of experience for each college semester credit.” (See the screenshot from the CFP® board website below) The internship I completed was 12 credits as indicated on my transcript, which I submitted to the board to complete the education requirement.

The location of this screenshot can be found at the bottom of the page here.

Despite this, the rules regarding internships are apparently slightly different. 

If you attend a CFP® Board Registered Program and complete an internship as part of this program, understand that despite the one credit equals one month of experience message on the website, you will receive a maximum of three months credit towards CFP® certification.

Note: CFP® Board Registered Program internships do not apply for the 2 year apprenticeship option