Meet our writers: from left to right: Joe, Luke, Bryan & Regan

                                                  Cafe Claude, San Francisco, CA

                                                 Cafe Claude, San Francisco, CA

Millennial Planners consists of four CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals in their 20's who are proud to represent the Next Generation of Financial Planning. Each of us has a similar story - we followed our passions for the industry to our new homes, which are now scattered across the country. We are connected by our similar journeys and values.

Our mission is to be a voice of guidance and thought leadership for other young financial planning professionals who are aspiring to be or are currently in career paths similar to ours.

In January 2016 the four of us gathered in Half Moon Bay, California to have our first annual Millennial Planners retreat. Read more about it here.

Luke Seiderman, CFP®

I am an Upstate New York native currently working at a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisory firm in San Francisco. 

I have always known I was born for this industry. Having grown up on a farm in a rural part of the country I saw a move to California as a chance to step outside my comfort zone and surround myself with the new. 

Recently I have been spending my time playing music (banjo and guitar) and exploring all there is to offer on the beautiful west coast. My older sister recently turned me on to 19th century Russian that has been time consuming.

I also take the photos for the blog. 

"We want to make good time, but for now this is measured with the emphasis on "good" rather than on "time"..."

-Robert Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 

Twitter and Instagram: luc_invest

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Joe Markel, CFP®: 

I currently live in Connecticut.

Bryan Hasling, CFP®:

Born and raised in Arlington, TX, and a graduate of Texas Tech's Personal Financial Planning program, I eventually moved to the San Francisco Bay area in hopes of making a impact on this industry, for myself and for the next generation.

I've just recently signed up to compete in my first Triathlon (sprint distance).  If I've learned anything about myself, it's that I just need to Sign Up for something large to achieve something great.  Ironically, training for a triathlon has many similarities to training for large exams (hello, CFP)!  On the career side, I just recently earned the Enrolled Agent designation, so that's been interesting (and slightly painful).  Now that Football Sundays are back, you can catch me praying to the fantasy football gods on a weekly basis.

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Regan Smith, CFP®:

I grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, all within an hour drive of where I was born. After a year of employment at the fastest growing RIA in the Milwaukee area I began to grow restless, and a change of scenery seemed necessary. That restlessness culminated in an unprecedented move for me, driving Route 80 across the country without a job or place to live to start a new life in the Bay Area. I found that fortune favors the bold, as I now work at a Fee-Only RIA headquartered in Palo Alto where I will continue to build the basis for my career as a financial advisor. 

In my free time you can find me buried in a science fiction novel, at a dog-friendly bar, enjoying a San Francisco park, or taking Wisconsin sports a little too seriously (NO. Badgers.)