Millennial Planners consists of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals who are proud to represent the Next Generation of Financial Planning. 

Our mission is to be a voice of guidance and thought leadership for other young financial planning professionals who are aspiring to be or are currently in career paths similar to ours.

Bryan Hasling, CFP®, EA:

Bryan and his wife, Abby.

Bryan and his wife, Abby.

Born and raised in Texas, and a graduate of Texas Tech's Personal Financial Planning program, I eventually moved to the San Francisco Bay area in hopes of making a impact on this industry, while advancing the next generation of planners.

On the career side, my latest goals and challenges have come from being a Manager and learning to positively influence a firm’s culture (and bottom lines). I’ve also earned the Enrolled Agent designation, which has been a large commitment to my education in tax.

On the personal side, I’m most excited about learning to be a great husband, as I was married in April 2019.

There is no shortage of passions in my life, and marriage will be a great learning experience to help me grow as a person and professional.

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Regan Smith, CFP®:

I grew up in Southeastern Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, all within an hour drive of where I was born. After a year of employment at the fastest growing RIA in the Milwaukee area I began to grow restless, and a change of scenery seemed necessary. That restlessness culminated in an unprecedented move for me, driving Route 80 across the country without a job or place to live to start a new life in the Bay Area. I found that fortune favors the bold, as I now work at a Fee-Only RIA headquartered in Palo Alto where I will continue to build the basis for my career as a financial advisor. 

In my free time you can find me buried in a science fiction novel, at a dog-friendly bar, enjoying a San Francisco park, or taking Wisconsin sports a little too seriously (NO. Badgers.)


Joe Markel, CFP®: 

I currently live in Boston and attend law school at Boston University.